Vision & Aims

NAI’s vision is a world where people develop their capabilities and engage with the world across the life course, and the where the poorest and oldest are not isolated in hardship.

We aim to illuminate issues, create and test innovations, build capacity for voice and action, and inform positive and lasting changes, not only in Singapore and the United States but also in other countries in Asia and around the world. NAI will work cooperatively with other nations and international organizations. The work will be energetic, entrepreneurial, and rigorous. NAI will take a leadership position in defining a new social contract for the 21st Century.

Mission & Values

A mission central to NAI is enhancing economic security and building capabilities for active engagement across the life course, leading to more stable, engaged, and productive lives—beginning in the early years, enhanced throughout education and careers, and stretching deep into older adulthood.

The core values of this initiative are inclusion (bring everyone in), capabilities (develop everyone’s potential), and action (engage for positive contributions).