Strategies to Create Lasting Change

The core activities of the NAI are in creating and testing innovations, and moving knowledge and successful innovations into policy and practice.

A key strategy of NAI is that countries will learn from each other. Comparative study and learning across nations will be emphasized. Singapore has distinctive—and in many ways quite successful—policies in housing and community development, lifelong asset building, retirement security, and health care. The United States has created promising models in mental health services, “productive aging”, and other areas. Countries in Europe and elsewhere offer still other innovations and examples.

In order to move towards properly designed, community-based care that yields better quality of life outcomes for older adults and their families, the NAI will undertake and deliver policy and practice in areas including:

  • Communication: Reaching multiple audiences around the world
  • Dissemination: Engaging results in policy and practice
  • Consultation: Advising governments, businesses, NGOs, and international organizations
  • Informing policy and practice initiatives in Singapore, the US, and beyond