International Conference Financial and Social Development

Nowadays, finance with social impact, financial inclusion, and social enterprises develop rapidly. In response to the Chinese national policy priority of precise poverty alleviation, the Institute of Social Development at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics will host its first ” An International Conference on Financial and Social Development ” on November 8-10, 2019 in […]

Washington University scholars headline policy conference at National University of Taiwan

Next Age Institute Director Michael Sherraden and two research professors from the Brown School, Margaret Sherraden and Jin Huang, recently headlined an international policy conference on Innovation and Evaluation for Anti-Poverty Initiatives at National Taiwan University (NTU), a McDonnell International Scholars Academy partner university. The Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare organized the conference, and the […]

Conference on Innovation and Evaluation for Anti-Poverty Initiatives

This conference will exchange strategies for improving the newly enacted Child Development Accounts in Taiwan named Savings Accounts for the Education and Development of Children and Teenagers and will share the latest research on anti-poverty initiatives.

Special issue highlights Child Development Accounts globally

Child Development Accounts take center stage in a newly released special issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development. The sweeping, seven-article issue shows the global context of the emerging asset-building policy. “Many countries are exploring new policy innovations that encourage asset building,” said Michael Sherraden, who co-edited the issue and co-authored the […]

2019 Social Work Day on the Hill

The Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy (CRISP) will host the 5th Annual Social Work Day on the Hill on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 in conjunction with the Clark-Fox Policy Institute at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, highlighting the work and accomplishments of the 12 Grand Challenge for Social Work networks.

The new book “People and Climate Change” opens for orders

The new book “People and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Social Justice”

The new book People and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Social Justice now may be ordered in advance of its April 1 release. Edited by Lisa Reyes Mason and Jonathan Rigg, the 256-page book explores how climate change threatens the well-being, livelihood and survival of people in communities worldwide. “Too often, those who have contributed least […]

Rigg of National University of Singapore and Mason published in Nature Climate Change

In the December issue of the journal Nature Climate Change, Jonathan Rigg and Lisa Reyes Mason articulate in their commentary article of “Five Dimensions of Climate Science Reductionism”, that science tends to extract climate change from its social and environmental contexts, making climate change a “detached physical process.” “Pertinent, non-physical evidence is overlooked or underplayed, and the ways in which climate change […]

McKay featured at McDonnell Academy workshop on social innovation and public health

Mary McKay, Neidorff Family and Centene Corporation dean of the Brown School, was the lead speaker at the Workshop on Social Innovation & Public Health, at Tsinghua University in Beijing. She highlighted Brown School faculty members’ research and innovation related to social work and public health. The October 14 workshop included four additional experts. The […]

Tsinghua University professor lectures on social work’s progress in China

Chen is the director of the Center for Social Work Study and a faculty member of the School of Social Sciences at Tsinghua University, in Beijing. He also is a visiting scholar at the Institute for Cross-Strait Research and a senior research fellow at the Center for Sino-American Relations. In the early years of the […]

Book Launch: Critical Issues in Asset Building in Singapore’s Development

Next Age Institute (NAI) invites you to an upcoming book launch event featuring the new book titled “Critical Issues in Asset Building in Singapore’s Development” published by World Scientific. S. Vasoo and Bilveer Singh, both of National University of Singapore, are editors. NAI Co-Director Michael Sherraden has the lead paper in this book.

A national Child Development Account (CDA) policy is emerging in Taiwan

President Tsai Ing-wen in June signed into law the Act on Savings Accounts for the Education and Development of Children and Teenagers. The legislation encourages disadvantaged families to save for their children’s future by creating publicly subsidized saving accounts. The scholar Li-Chen Cheng, who earned her PhD in Social Work at Washington University, has spent decades […]

Sherraden writes about asset building in Singapore in new book

Critical Issues in Asset Building in Singapore’s Development.

Michael Sherraden, the S.R. Nathan Visiting Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and co-director of the Next Age Institute, has the lead paper in the forthcoming book “Critical Issues in Asset Building in Singapore’s Development.” Singapore has led in asset-based policy since the1960s. “Asset building has become the backbone of Singapore’s strategy for […]