Focus on Research & Development

At its core, NAI is about social research and development—where testing social innovations is the overarching strategy.

NAI does not promote particular ideologies. Rather, it develops and tests innovations to see what works. Evidence is NAI’s currency in research and policy design. The innovation-and-evidence approach is fully consistent with America’s deep-seated tradition of pragmatism. Testing innovations will be the most effective strategy within countries and across countries.

Areas of Innovation

As a hub and global forum for “next age” research and development, NAI facilitates research, education, and policy innovation. In the Asia region, particular attention is paid to mainland China, where the pace of economic and social change is rapid, older adult populations are growing, and international relationships especially matter for global stability.

NAI is focusing especially on these areas for innovation:

  • Asset building, social development, and old age security
  • Financial capability and decision making across the life course