Seminar on Housing Policy and Community Stability in Singapore

Singapore’s inclusive social policies provide its citizens with opportunities for housing ownership, community integration and stability, and economic security. While Singaporean policies have achieved notable successes, they also leave some remaining challenges.

Two scholars from National University of Singapore, Dr. Wong Yunn Chii Associate Professor and Head of the Architecture Department and Dr. Chia Ngee Choon, Associate Professor of Economics and Co-director of the Next Age Institute shared their perspectives on the roles that community housing design and family security policies play in the well-being of Singaporeans.

Bruce Lindsey, Dean of Architecture at Washington University, moderated the Seminar.

Michael Sherraden, Director, Next Age Institute and George Warren Brown Distinguished University Professor at Washington University, served as the respondent.

This event is hosted by Next Age Institute and The Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. Co-hosts include the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging and the McDonnell International Scholars Academy.

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